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Whether digital, in-person, or a combination of both, LearnLogic can develop a powerful custom training program for your enterprise. Our handcrafted approach leverages the latest innovations in instructional design while leveraging state-of-the-art technology to deliver either live or digitally. We also provide internal branding, continuous feedback loops, and collaborative tools to drive scalability and return on investment. Enterprise initiatives, inclusion, sensitivity, safety, brand competency, and all other custom training initiatives transform your training initiative into a world-class training program that gets results.

branded videos.

Branded video is marketing content created or sponsored by a brand that promotes the brand’s values without directly advertising or promoting the brand. Many branded videos are narrative driven, using storytelling to inform, entertain, or communicate a brand’s values. LearnLogic can train your team members to package your message, whether it’s simple or complex, into the right concept that powerfully connects with your target audience.


At LearnLogic, we take you step-by-step through the process of development and activation of your elearning progam. We help you plan where you’re headed, and determine the program goals. We help ensure the new curriculum aligns with the learning landscape of your organization, and pinpoint the  topics and subtopics needed to be taught in order to bridge the learning deficit. We begin with a soft rollout of the curriculum to a focus test group, then revise and test again in an ongoing revision cycle to evaluate your return on learning (ROL). Evaluation will include both quantitative and qualitative measures.

digital presentation.

Digital presentations refer to any method of presenting your work in the virtual world without using paper. The options for digital presentations continue to expand. They include PowerPoint presentations and online digital presentation tools that allow you to add video, sound, and other rich media to your slides. LearnLogic provides training in choosing and using the right presentation software package and other tools, and the most effective use of them to create digital presentations that get attention.    

Instructional design.

Instructional design is the creation of learning materials and experiences that facilitate the acquisition and application of knowledge and skills. It’s like the old saying: “If you give someone a fish, they eat for one day. If you teach them to fish, they eat for a lifetime.” LearnLogic can teach your people the secrets of instructional design that will allow their current knowledge to have a multiplier effect.

content curation.

It’s all about knowing how to source relevant content and present it to your social media followers in a way that’s organized, meaningful, and adds value to your brand. LearnLogic can teach your team how to add your voice and brand identity to a handpicked collection of content that’s harvested from a variety of sources about a specific topic, that you then publish and share with your customers and prospects. 


LearnLogic is your one-stop provider of employee training that boosts productivity, strengthens employee engagement, encourages collaboration, and helps focus your team on the mission and the bottom line.

Customer Service Training.

Your business depends on the success of every customer touchpoint. We ensure that your employees are sensitive to the expectations of your customers, know and follow company protocols, are always in alignment with company values, and know how to convert a prospect into a loyal customer.

Sales Training.

We know that profitable sales—large and small—are the drivers of your business. They are what put money in the bank. LearnLogic Solutions zero in on this critical aspect of your operation and ensure that your salespeople are trained, ready, and eager to exceed their goals.

Communication Training.

Organizations are dynamic, and to function at their highest level you need seamless and transparent communication, both internal and external. LearnLogic Solutions break down silos, open up flows of information, remove barriers to understanding, and orient your employees to the idea of working together to reach a mutual goal. It empowers employees to answer questions from customers promptly and accurately, and provide honest feedback leading to organizational improvement.

Innovation Superstar Program.

The one unchanging rule of business is that the rules are always changing! Yesterday’s solutions will not work today. The good news is that just like any other skill, innovation can be taught. Based on Nicholas Webb’s bestselling book The Innovation Mandate, the LearnLogic Innovation Superstar Program will train your team to seek, identify, and develop innovations that will bring your organization into the future. It’s designed to become an integral part of your everyday operations and provide a generous return on investment.



Our exclusive three-phase process is simple and flexible, and designed to provide the highest degree of impact with the greatest return on investment.

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Your one-stop provider of employee training that boosts productivity, strengthens employee engagement, encourages collaboration, and helps focus your team on the mission and the bottom line.

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Our handcrafted approach leverages the latest innovations in instructional design while leveraging state-of-the-art technology to deliver either live or digitally. We also provide tools to drive scalability and return on investment.

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Talent management is a key skill, and with the help of LearnLogic high-value training, your managers can become best in class at the critical job of inspiring and guiding your team to new heights of achievement.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, every human resource professional needs to be at the very top of their game. Mission-focused training from LearnLogic will ensure that your HR professionals are up to speed and ahead of the HR curve.

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To grow and thrive, an organization depends on a host of stakeholders, and none are more important than its leadership. At LearnLogic, we offer a suite of powerful learning platforms designed to help your leaders excel and champion organizational growth, not only today but into the future

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At LearnLogic, we understand the critical role of team interaction and how, when done well, has a multiplier effect. We offer a full range of events as well as programs that will teach your people how to produce successful events.

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Many of the solutions that yesterday were cutting edge are today obsolete, and tomorrow will drag you down. The mission of LearnLogic is to stay one step ahead of disruptive technology and, by passing along our knowledge, provide our valued clients with every competitive advantage..

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Founded by world-renowned innovation, leadership, and customer experience thought leader Nick Webb, LearnLogic delivers focused training and employee innovation solutions designed to make your organization more efficient, productive, and profitable

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We design, develop, and deliver state-of-the-art services related to workforce management, training, HR strategy, talent management, employee engagement, and quality of work life.

Our approach is always to put people first while providing an exceptional return on investment for our enterprise clients. Simply stated, our goal is to deliver best-in-class value for our clients while helping them create a powerful and rewarding human experience for their employees, managers, customers, and stakeholders.

Every LearnLogic experience and program is carefully researched, designed, and developed to have a maximum impact on your organization.


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