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Organizations are made up of people who interact with each other to achieve a common goal. At LearnLogic, we understand the critical role of team interaction and how, when done well, has a multiplier effect, producing more energy than the sum of its individual parts. We offer a full range of events as well as programs that will teach your people how to produce successful events that spur growth and organizational vitality.

Leadership Retreats.

For CEOs and other executives, leadership retreats, workshops, and company events offered through LearnLogic can provide the “re-set” and new perspectives necessary to stay abreast of marketplace disruption and the pace of innovation. LearnLogic Leadership retreats can be transformational moments for your people and the organization itself. The goal is to create greater buy-in and alignment around a common vision of the future, build trust among top team members, and trigger a new wave of productivity that impacts your bottom line.

Board Training & Facilitation.

Your organization’s board of directors is the ultimate arbiter of strategic decisions, and a dysfunctional or poorly managed board can hold your company back. LearnLogic Board Training & Facilitation training can teach leaders—CEOs, top executives, and board members and chairs—how to build and deploy an effective, engaged board. Facilitation methodologies are designed to encourage active participation and insights from members and internal stakeholders, leading to a more robust bottom line.

Employee Retreats.

Just as board and executive retreats are powerful tools for building capability, so are retreats and training events for employees. At a staff retreat, you can do engaging team building activities that you can’t do at the office, and when they return to work, team members feel ready to get down to business. A LearnLogic employee retreat can help your employees connect with each other, be happy about whom they work with, and be willing to go the extra mile when facing a challenge.


Unleash your team members’ creativity and drive to innovate with a LearnLogic hackathon. These fun and fast-paced events turn your people loose on a particular problem, or let them work on their own projects. A LearnLogic hackathon is a powerful experience designed to energize your company and foster a culture that promotes creativity. With more than 40 patents to his name, Nicholas J. Webb is an expert in innovative technology who has designed a world-class program for leading hackathons.

Event Management.

Events of any type always carry high expectations, and your organization needs to deliver. Seminars, brainstorming sessions, informational meetings, investor presentations, strategic planning gatherings—with guidance from LearnLogic, your event will go off seamlessly. As a globally known public speaker and keynote presenter, Nicholas J. Webb knows a thing or two about events, and with his program you’ll benefit from his deep experience. LearnLogic can show you how to take nearly any event to the next level and earn rave reviews.



Our exclusive three-phase process is simple and flexible, and designed to provide the highest degree of impact with the greatest return on investment.

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Your one-stop provider of employee training that boosts productivity, strengthens employee engagement, encourages collaboration, and helps focus your team on the mission and the bottom line.

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Our handcrafted approach leverages the latest innovations in instructional design while leveraging state-of-the-art technology to deliver either live or digitally. We also provide tools to drive scalability and return on investment.

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Talent management is a key skill, and with the help of LearnLogic high-value training, your managers can become best in class at the critical job of inspiring and guiding your team to new heights of achievement.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, every human resource professional needs to be at the very top of their game. Mission-focused training from LearnLogic will ensure that your HR professionals are up to speed and ahead of the HR curve.

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To grow and thrive, an organization depends on a host of stakeholders, and none are more important than its leadership. At LearnLogic, we offer a suite of powerful learning platforms designed to help your leaders excel and champion organizational growth, not only today but into the future

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At LearnLogic, we understand the critical role of team interaction and how, when done well, has a multiplier effect. We offer a full range of events as well as programs that will teach your people how to produce successful events.

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Many of the solutions that yesterday were cutting edge are today obsolete, and tomorrow will drag you down. The mission of LearnLogic is to stay one step ahead of disruptive technology and, by passing along our knowledge, provide our valued clients with every competitive advantage..

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Founded by world-renowned innovation, leadership, and customer experience thought leader Nick Webb, LearnLogic delivers focused training and employee innovation solutions designed to make your organization more efficient, productive, and profitable

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