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As Nicholas J. Webb reveals in his best-selling books The Innovation Mandate and The Healthcare Mandate, technology is advancing at an increasing rate. Many of the solutions that yesterday were cutting edge are today obsolete, and tomorrow will drag you down. The mission of LearnLogic is to stay one step ahead of disruptive technology and, by passing along our knowledge, provide our valued clients with every competitive advantage.


Gamification for practical learning uses the key elements and principles of gaming to meet the required learning objectives. Its techniques are designed to leverage the natural desires of people for a variety of activities including learning, socializing, skill mastery, competition, status, self-expression, achievement, and altruism. To many organizations, gamification is a buzzword. To LearnLogic, it’s our bread and butter. Our LearnLogic program will introduce your people to the power of customer-facing gamification, enterprise gamification, and training gamification. They’ll learn how important they are in today’s hectic digital world in which your customers and employees expect, and feel comfortable with, the experience of learning through game playing.

App Development.

In the year 2000, the apps industry and marketplace did not exist. Today it’s worth $3.5 billion, and apps are ubiquitous. You can find games, health tools, image manipulators, music, Bible apps—practically anything and everything. Apps are big business because they are useful, both as commodities and as specialized tools for your business. LearnLogic can reveal to your people the secrets of successful apps and how you can leverage their power and popularity to advance your organization.

Communication Training.

Organizations are dynamic, and to function at their highest level you need seamless and transparent communication, both internal and external. LearnLogic Solutions break down silos, open up flows of information, remove barriers to understanding, and orient your employees to the idea of working together to reach a mutual goal. It empowers employees to answer questions from customers promptly and accurately, and provide honest feedback leading to organizational improvement.

Virtual Learning.

Virtual learning is any digital, Web-based platform for courses of study. Virtual learning programs, whether live or pre-recorded, present resources, activities, and interactions within a course structure, leading to a greater understanding of the educational material. The technology exploded in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic, as leaders who were eager to keep students and employees learning pivoted quickly to online instruction. LearnLogic virtual learning programs can bring your people up to date on this growing technology and prepare them for its even bigger future.

Augmented Reality.

One of the biggest technology trends of the 21st century, augmented reality (AR) is only going to get bigger as AR-equipped smartphones and other devices become more accessible around the world. AR lets us see an environment right in front of us—a mountain, street corner, automobile—with digital information overlaid on it. You see it used in NFL games where broadcasters use AR to draw lines on the field to illustrate and analyze plays. LearnLogic can bring augmented reality applications to your workforce for use in marketing, supply chain, strategic planning, and much more. You can use AR to train new employees, or allow customers to try products before they buy.

Instructional Technology.

A systematic way of designing, carrying out, and evaluating the process of learning and teaching in terms of specific objectives, instructional technology uses tools that are fun and engaging. These tools support 21st century skills like collaboration, communication, and creativity. LearnLogic can show your team members how instructional technology can introduce profound changes in teaching and learning, creating opportunities for unprecedented collaboration, engagement, and support. We believe that all forms of instructional technology, from the humble whiteboard to sophisticated augmented reality presentations, share one main purpose: to create engaging and effective learning experiences that boost productivity.



Our exclusive three-phase process is simple and flexible, and designed to provide the highest degree of impact with the greatest return on investment.

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Your one-stop provider of employee training that boosts productivity, strengthens employee engagement, encourages collaboration, and helps focus your team on the mission and the bottom line.

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Our handcrafted approach leverages the latest innovations in instructional design while leveraging state-of-the-art technology to deliver either live or digitally. We also provide tools to drive scalability and return on investment.

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Talent management is a key skill, and with the help of LearnLogic high-value training, your managers can become best in class at the critical job of inspiring and guiding your team to new heights of achievement.

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In today’s fast-paced business environment, every human resource professional needs to be at the very top of their game. Mission-focused training from LearnLogic will ensure that your HR professionals are up to speed and ahead of the HR curve.

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To grow and thrive, an organization depends on a host of stakeholders, and none are more important than its leadership. At LearnLogic, we offer a suite of powerful learning platforms designed to help your leaders excel and champion organizational growth, not only today but into the future

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At LearnLogic, we understand the critical role of team interaction and how, when done well, has a multiplier effect. We offer a full range of events as well as programs that will teach your people how to produce successful events.

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Many of the solutions that yesterday were cutting edge are today obsolete, and tomorrow will drag you down. The mission of LearnLogic is to stay one step ahead of disruptive technology and, by passing along our knowledge, provide our valued clients with every competitive advantage..

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Founded by world-renowned innovation, leadership, and customer experience thought leader Nick Webb, LearnLogic delivers focused training and employee innovation solutions designed to make your organization more efficient, productive, and profitable

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