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Customer Service Training And Strategy.

Delivered by Nick Webb, one of the Top Global 30 Gurus in the world and the number one best-selling author of What Customers Crave

The overwhelming majority of customer service training programs are ineffective and deliver no return on investment to organizations. In a time of hyper consumerization, organizations need to begin their training and CX initiatives through a comprehensive assessment of their current state of real customer satisfaction. Generic training programs that are not surgically connected to the specific nature of your market, organizational culture, friction points, and customer journey are ineffective and never work. Almost 90% of the top brands in the world are driving sustainable growth and profitability through customer experience strategy and training.

All of our programs are delivered by one of the top customer experience keynote speakers and trainers in the world, Nick Webb. Nick’s training programs are fun, practical and, most importantly they deliver significant returns on investment, and that’s why Nick has been chosen by some of the best brands in the world.

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Your organization will achieve significant returns on investment by achieving major improvements in customer satisfaction, which also positively affects employee quality of work life. We will significantly improve your insights about your customers loves and hates and assist you in developing a program that your customers are going to love.

The Soul of Customer® Certified Training.

Unlike other certification programs, our Soul of the Customer® training program is 100% customized to your organization’s market, culture, customer and specific goals. Simply stated, generic programs will not deliver sustainable and scalable results for your enterprise. Our certification programs can be built on a digital platform or provided live. Also, many organizations adopt a hybrid approach. We also provide two levels of training: One for leaders and managers, and the other for team members. Additionally, we develop collaborative game mechanics to increase engagement, customer insights and return on investment. Simply stated, this is the best training program available anywhere.


Customer satisfaction audits
Comprehensive customer experience strategies
Next-generation customer satisfaction scoring systems
Customer Experience (CX) Hackathons and training events
Mystery shopping and point of engagement audits
CX sales training
Customer experience product and service design
Customer experience event management
Customer experience and customer service keynote presentations


Published by the largest book publishers in the world, Nicholas has a massive body of knowledge from his research. His books include his best-selling books, The Innovation Playbook, The Digital Innovation PlaybookWhat Customers CraveThe Innovation Mandate and his brand-new number one release, The Healthcare Mandate. Nick has two upcoming books on personal and enterprise happiness and happiness leadership that will be available in 2021.


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